News just confirmed today is that UEG will be providing the modern esports portion of the Iowa Gaming Classic.  With gaming options ranging from righters like Mortal Kombat and Tekken to League of Legends, COD and the Nintendo Favorites Smash Bros and Mario Kart this is going to be an amazing event!

From its humble beginning as a collective of university students with a passion to create something more, the lifeblood of the Company has always been community. The foundation that paved the way for what you know as Midwest Esports today consists of countless volunteer hours, hard work and joyful comradery among dozens of people. The founders of the Company believed that the video game community needed a platform to give more players an opportunity to compete in a structured environment that also includes a little bit of everything they love. That passion has endured and grown tenfold as Midwest Esports is now providing that platform to players all over the United States.

The First “Wichita Esports Convention”.
The first event ever hosted by this organization was planned, organized and executed by a host of volunteer university students. Not only did these students go to school full-time and held jobs but they also dedicated hours of their personal time every week hosting meetings to create an ecosystem for video game players in their community. The first few meetings were originally formed for gamers to join together and discuss their passion for video games. Over time the members came to a decision to host the first Wichita Esports Convention. This point in history is arguably the official birth of Midwest Esports in 2015. These students began creating plans, determining how they would be able to provide everything required including equipment, marketing and staff. Many of the students used skills associated with their major but many developed new skills directly correlated with accomplishing the task of putting on a new event. New partnerships were created with local businesses interested in supporting the vision, many of which are still thriving today. During the event and upon completion, attendees and staff could feel the electricity and realized that they were on the cusp of something truly amazing.

We are committed to making competitive video games into a healthy, structured and educational sport. We are leading the way but we are not alone. Volunteers, advisors and partners are helping us get there.